Chapter Philanthropy and Service


Tri Delta is proud to partner with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the world’s premier pediatric center research center.  Since officially adopting St. Jude as our national philanthropic partner in 1999, Tri Delta has been honored to have collegiate members and alumnae share their passion for St. Jude from hundreds of chapters across the country.  The money raised by Tri Delta goes towards cutting edge research that treats children and finds cures, as well as St. Jude’s philosophy that no child should be turned away due to a family’s financial situation. Recently, Tri Delta announced their next great commitment to the children and families of St. Jude- to raise $60 million in 10 years, to create Tri Delta Place, the only short-term housing for St. Jude families. It is completely free for parents, siblings, and guardians to stay at Tri Delta Place while their loved ones are receiving treatment.

In order to support our commitment to St. Jude, Alpha Beta hosts a variety of events throughout the school year. Each spring, Tri Delta chapters across the country participate in a letter-writing campaign, one that we are pleased to take part in.  At each chapter, members get together to send letters to family and friends, encouraging any amount of donation, large or small. Our chapter also looks for unique ways to fundraise. 

Aside from St. Jude, Alpha Beta also believes in supporting our sisters in their own philanthropic interests, both locally and on a national level.  We are proud to be extremely involved and strive to continuously cultivate an active, known presence around Cornell’s campus. Every spring, we participate in the American Cancer Society’s Annual Relay for Life, walking all night to help end the fight against cancer. 


In 2012, Tri Delta launched BodyImage3D as a multi-dimensional approach to body image education and awareness. This program strives to encourage a more well-rounded body image and to promote self love and confidence. From this, we hope women everywhere are able to achieve the three key components to leading a better life: a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy spirit.

BodyImage3D recognizes that a healthy body image includes more than just weight or size, and that achieving the healthy ideal looks different for everyone. Therefore, BodyImage3D includes varying areas of focus, all relating to body image, that encompass healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Alpha Beta is a proud participant of BodyImage3D's initiative, Fat Talk Free Week! Fat Talk Free Week is an international, 5-day body activism campaign that asks chapters to spend a week drawing attention to body image issues and inspiring change around us in the way we think and feel about our bodies. We hope to continue to inspire our sisters and our campus to love themselves just the way that they are.