Information for Parents

For more than 100 years, Tri Delta has been providing a home away from home for our members, and a place for them to live, learn and lead – with Purpose – for a lifetime. 

We welcome parents and family, of both our newest Tri Deltas and interested collegiate women, to get a glimpse into membership in Tri Delta. The publication below lets you follow along and see “what to expect” from the Tri Delta sorority experience today and beyond. You will learn about our transformational collegiate chapter programming, leadership opportunities, our passion for serving others through philanthropy and ways you can connect and engage with your Tri Delta during their membership. Read more here

Tri Psi Mothers’ Sorority 

For 105 years, Tri Delta has been the only sorority to have a Greek letter sorority for their mothers. Our mothers’ organization, Tri Psi, consists of dedicated mothers that come together each year to support their Tri Deltas and assist our members in every possible way. Tri Psi awards $5,000 low-interest rate loans to Tri Delta members receiving or pursuing graduate degrees, and $1,000 undergraduate scholarships to selected members entering their junior year. To learn more about Tri Psi, visit

Dear Parents, 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our page and learn more about our sisterhood! You may be wondering what joining Greek Life can really do for your daughter. Well, ever since 1888, membership into Delta Delta Delta has been based on the foundation of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. Here at Cornell Tri Delta, we strive to constantly to provide the support of a second family at your daughter's home away from home, and are always seeking to help better our members in every possible way. This much is evident in our motto, our purpose, and our values (which you can find on the home page). But sisterhood and friendship aside, Tri Delta also provides new experiences for your daughter in four other main categories: academics, philanthropy, leadership, and networking.


Academic achievement is a vital component of membership into Delta Delta Delta.  As college women, we hold each other to high standards and are constantly aware that our academic success at Cornell is the focal point of our college experience.  Because of this, we have GPA requirements that assure all of our members are held to the same standards.  Additionally, we provide mentoring with other chapter members, provide an organized and updated test bank for chapter use, and have academic lineages that allow our members to network and work alongside other sisters with similar majors and academic interests.  Through these initiatives, we hope to foster academic excellence within each of our members throughout their Cornell experience.


Delta Delta Delta as a national organization boasts 138 collegiate chapters with over 190,000 living alumnae.  These astounding numbers provide our members with endless opportunities for networking and professional development.  Each spring, we hold an event known as Apple Polishing that allows all members of the chapter to invite professors to the Tri Delta house to network and discuss career and academic opportunities.  Our extensive alumni network also allows our members the ability to reach out to past Cornell Tri Deltas for career advice and connections.


Our philanthropic partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides our chapter, along with Tri Delta chapters across the country, with the opportunity to give back to those in need and connect with the recipients of our donations to the hospital.  We host a number of events throughout the year geared towards raising money for St. Jude as well as a number of other community service projects we support.  We are proud to say that we are a part of Tri Delta’s national campaign, 15 in 5, which strove to raise $15 million in 5 years for St. Jude.  That goal was accomplished in 2014 a year and a half ahead of schedule.  Philanthropy work not only allows us to give back, but also become closer as a chapter and make great memories in the process.


Being leaders and role models in the community is an important aspect of our chapter’s values.  We encourage all members to be actively involved not only in Tri Delta, but also on campus and in the local community.  All members have opportunities to hold leadership positions within Tri Delta and become involved in many different aspects of our chapter’s development.  

Our sisters are involved in different organizations all over campus, with numerous sisters holding leadership positions in these groups.  Additionally, Tri Delta is represented on both the Panhellenic Executive Board and Student Assembly at Cornell, and maintains an active presence on campus with many different events and initiatives.